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APLUS Selected Press Coverage



07/17/2015 Financial Literacy: Can It Be Taught? Should Colleges Even Try? Beckie Supiano, The Chronicle of Higher Education
07/31/2014 Graduates Struggle for Autonomy Center for Retirement Research at Boston College
07/24/2014 Young Adults Feel Financial Strain Chicago Tribune
06/23/2014 Why 50% Of College Graduates Need Help From Mom And Dad James Marshall Crotty, Forbes
05/10/2013 Ask The Experts: Financial Management Tips for 2013 Graduates. CardHub Ross Garner, CardHub
04/23-2013 5 credit lessons every parent should teach their daughters Sherly Nance-Nash,
02/21/2013 A Focus on Financial Literacy and College Persistence as it Accelerates in Academia. Inceptia Institute Jen Skidmore, Inceptia Institute
5/29/2012 Listening to parents key to financial responsibility. Shankar Vedantam, NPR Morning Edition
2012 Pound Foolish: Exposing the Dark Side of the Financial Service Industry Ny, NY: Portfolio/ Penguin
11/2/2012 Growing number of college grads fail to launch: Good Parenting on Good Morning Tucson Kgun 9 On Your Side, Tucson - Watch video
2/8/2012 Students struggle with loan debt after graduation KOLD, Tucson - Watch video
6/18/2011 A Blue Chip on His Shoulder: Investing Lessons From Dad
Karen Blumenthal, The Wall Street Journal
4/26/2011 Lack of Financial Savvy hinders youth in debt Russ Wiles, The Arizona Republic
9/12/2010 Programs push fiscal responsibility in the young Brett Graff, The Miami Herald
5/4/2010 Study: Students pursuing risky strategies to cope financially
Eva Russo,Richmond Times-Dispatch
3/02/2010 Recession's Effect on College Students Mike McCann, Perspective Financial Services, LLC
2/27/2010 Personal Finance: Recession gives kids a tough lesson about money The Sacramento Bee
2/25/2010 Survey Finds That the Economic Recession Is Having a Major Negative Impact on African-American College Students The Journal of Blacks in Education
2/20/2010 Considering the last resort Virginian-Pilot
2/18/2010 Arizona Pathways to Life Success for University Students Oklahoma council on Economic Education
2/18/2010 Investor Education This Week The Investor's Clearinghouse from the Alliance for Investor Education
2/18/2010 Economic stress hits next generation hard Becky Hurley , Colorado Springs Business Journal
2/17/2010 Recession Impact Cripples Students’ Finances International Business Times
2/16/2010 Recession leads to risky credit behavior, decline in financial confidence among college students study says Steve Rosen, Kansas City Star
2/15/2010 A change in confidence Zach Hagadone,
2/08/2010 Recession Affected Students' Financial Attitudes and Behaviors, Study Finds Becky Supiano, Chronicle of Higher Education
2/08/2010 Recession Microeconomics Daniel Luzer, Washington Monthly
8/13/09 College students need to handle debt, credit cards wisely USA Today
7/30/09 Kids 'learn spending habits from parents'
7/27/09 Should your teen have a credit card? Wall Street Journal
7/24/09 Financial train wrecks: study finds parents may be young people’s top defense Jump$tart newsletter
7/15/09 APLUS: Cultivating positive financial attitudes and behaviors for healthy adulthood National Association for College Admission Counseling
7/8/09 Financial aid in the news National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
7/8/09 Study examines how students’ financial behavior is formed, and how it affects their future The Chronicle of Higher Education
6/19/09 How Dad affects your debt, financial decisions
5/8/09 Students take chances with finances. Gulp. Wall Street Journal
10/21/08 5% of UA freshmen obtained payday loan Arizona Republic
10/21/08 Proposition 200 is no reform to payday lending


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