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APLUS Participants Making History!


APLUS is a unique study, the first ever to examine how young people develop financial behaviors and how those behaviors relate to financial capability and well-being as adults – the success of the study relies upon a special group of participants - YOU!

Who are the APLUS participants?

You are the 2098 students who completed the Wave 1 survey on the financial attitudes and behaviors of college freshmen in spring 2008. Your information helped us to identify the kind of experiences that help young adults transition to college more smoothly. Your continuing participation in the study makes it possible for researchers to understand the many pathways young adults walk as they establish their careers, become couples, form families separate from their parents.

We are grateful for your past help – and sincerely hope you will continue your participation as a member of this unique project… We hope to reconnect with everyone of you to understand where your life is taking you.

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 Joyce Serido, Ph.D.
 Principal Investigator of overall APLUS project
 Associate Professor, Family Social Science
 University of Minnesota


 Soyeon Shim, Ph.D.
 Principal Investigator at the University of Wisconsin
 Dean, Professor
 School of Human Ecology
 University of Wisconsin

 Melissa Curran, Ph.D.
 Principal Investigator at the University of Arizona
 Associate Professor & Research Director
 Take Charge America Institute
 University of Arizona


APLUS Partner Institutions University of Arizona Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences University of Minnesota Department of Family Social Science University of Wisconsin School of Human Ecology

We thank the National Endowment For Financial Education for their continuing financial support of the APLUS project. Thank you to Great Lakes Education for your support of Wave 4 and to Citi Foundation for their past support.