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Frances McClelland Institute Pamela Turbeville Speaker Series

Friday, March 6, 2015, 3:30pm to 4:30pm, McClelland Park RM 206
Title: Life after College: Pathways to Self-Sufficiency in Young Adulthood
Abstract: The journey from adolescence to adulthood has shifted from visible, public markers such as first career job, marriage, starting a family, to a more subjective and private assessment of one’s ability to accept self-responsibility, establish an independent household, and make adult life choices (Arnett, 2000). Because financial knowledge, skills, and behaviors are needed to successfully manage adult roles and responsibilities, I conceptualize the transition to adulthood as a pathway toward a goal of financial self-sufficiency. Financial self-sufficiency refers to the ability to meet financial obligations without assistance. In this presentation, I first outline the case for examining financial behavior as a developmental process. I then examine the association between patterns of young adults’ financial behaviors during college to markers of adult self-sufficiency after college using three waves of data collected from a cohort of University of Arizona students (N= 977). I conclude with a discussion of the factors that distinguish between the patterns and the relevance for adult development and well-being.